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Established in 1962, DCC is today a leading middle-eastern construction company headquartered in Dubai. We specialize in building residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings and hospitality and leisure complexes. DCC is focused on projects that are designed and built to the highest quality standards available in the industry. The collective portfolio of DCC projects has grown rapidly in the past few years and includes some of the finest landmarks in the Gulf region. In addition to growth in the portfolio of our buildings, we have also enjoyed a significant expansion in the geographical base of our operations both within the UAE and further afield in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. What’s more, we have also developed the scope of our services beyond standard contracting to include complete turnkey solutions. But though our work has grown significantly, some things have not changed. Like the extraordinary dedication to quality that has been the hallmark of our company since the first day. And the spirit of commitment and trust that is unique to an organization with a reputation established through three generations of leadership in the same family.

Applying industry leading standards to our work, we ensure that both the client and DCC are proud of the quality of the final product. Attention to detail permeates throughout our entire organization, and strict adherence to proven international standards and procedures have allowed DCC to build our reputation as one of the best contractors in the Middle East. Such adherence to quality, allows DCC to deliver projects on time, and on budget.

Our focus on client satisfaction and quality of service stems from our deep commitment to integrity, honesty and transparency. This commitment has played a key role in driving our process, and is intrinsically part of every DCC activity. It is also applied to and expected from all of DCC’s stakeholders, including our partner companies, suppliers and Subcontractors. Never compromising on these principles, we have been able to surround ourselves with a loyal group of companies, creating a team of organizations able to tackle the most complex projects.

At DCC we are also focused on being a contributing member of our community. We are committed to continuous employee improvement, as well as environmental preservation principles, and regularly provide extensive support to education programs and charitable entities in our operating environment.