Established in Dubai in 1962 by the late Hasan Abdallah Yabroudi, DCC has raised the bar in construction expertise and excellence in the Middle East. For decades, discerning developers and leading architects have turned to DCC to help bring their visions to life.



Innovative techniques, iconic designs, intricate details and high-quality finishing are all part of the DCC hallmark. It means we focus on the very best projects and most dynamic challenges, for the most imaginative and ambitious clients.

Over the years, the company has grown in scope beyond construction to encompass specialised design, including interiors and even furnishings.


At the organisational level this means that what began as a family-run business, spanning five decades and three generations of the Yabroudi family, is now also a private joint stock company with significant investors.

DCC has grown from a trustworthy contracting firm to a unique and highly sought-after organisation offering complete turnkey solutions, with access to a network of world-class names in architecture and engineering.

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