Four Seasons Beach Resort


The Four Seasons Beach Resort is a five-star resort hotel, built on Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai. It spreads across 60,000 square meters and features a 4.45 hectare beachfront site including nearly 270 meters of private beach and 237 rooms including 188 guestrooms, 46 luxury suites, two Presidential Suites and an exclusive Royal Suite.


FSBR_Sunset Pool.JPG

The project's goal was to deliver an unprecedented sense of luxury to Dubai. From the architectural beauty of the exterior and innovative interior design to the practical aspects such as its location and amenities, it aimed to raise the bar for luxury resorts in the region.

The architecture of the resort pays homage to the broader region's traditions. Arabic elements in the balcony arches of guest rooms cleverly frame the views towards the Burj Khalifa and downtown Dubai in a perfect silhouette against the desert sky. Cool marble and stonework draw on elements of Andalusian, Moroccan, Mediterranean and Asian influences to create an international mélange of design details appropriate to the region.

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FSBR_Shai Salon 1.JPG

Interior details included a grand staircase leading to the dining room, which has a 24-karat gold handrail. The staircase was made in Italy, dismantled, shipped and set up in its final location.

The Four Seasons Beach Resort has garnered a bevy of awards. It was nominated for best beach resort and, at the level of the Four Seasons, it is one of their top 10 hotels worldwide.

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TYPE: 5 star Hotel
DCC SCOPE: General contracting & construction management
LOCATION: Dubai - Jumeirah
YEAR: Completed in 2014

FLOORS: Basement, ground and 6 floors (B+G+6)
FACILITIES: Luxurious hotel with 237 guest rooms, restaurants, bars and lounge areas, pools, and tennis courts

CLIENT: Bright Start LLC
ARCHITECTS: DSA Architects International