The company’s experience and expertise, combined with timely project delivery, has resulted in a legacy that includes some of the region’s most iconic buildings.



We follow five principles:

  1. We constantly upgrade our employees’ skills to ensure that their expertise is first class.

  2. We deploy cutting-edge building technologies, and consistently refine them to maximise efficiency in every project. Our clients reap the benefits in beautiful buildings built on time and on budget.

  3. Visitors to our sites are pleasantly surprised by the strong culture of cleanliness and organised workflow. This discipline is just one aspect of the high standards we demand throughout the construction process.

  4. We constantly perfect our competitive, cost-effective construction processes.

  5. We ensure both function and form are considered and connected in a way that elevates the experience of being in the spaces we create.

In a nutshell, we are deliberately selective about every aspect of a project, from people to process to technology, putting high quality value first and ensuring an elevated standard regardless of budget or scope.


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Turnkey Solutions

In recent years, luxury turnkey projects have become a growing aspect of the DCC business.

We recognise that simplicity, efficiency and an excellent result is best achieved by cutting out the excess layers, unnecessary steps and standing very firm on the standard of quality. DCC’s definition of “Turnkey” goes beyond simply offloading all aspects of a project onto a project manager. The difference lies in the direct engagement at each step of the process.

Every expert is hand-picked and guided from the top down by the DCC principles, values, vison and process, ensuring the control of the final result. Rather than a preferred supplier list, we have access to some of the world’s best architects and designers who are custom chosen for a project depending on its unique specifications. They are directed by DCC from beginning to end, and exclusively offered at a value inaccessible otherwise.

Increasingly, the mechanical systems and technologies - lighting, plumbing, air conditioning, security systems and integrated communication infrastructure - play a vital role in the life of all buildings.

At DCC, we have the expertise to offer you innovative service packages in all these areas to ensure uninterrupted user comfort and the smooth functioning of your building.